Fabulous Fall!

Jessa and Brooke won Full Year Scholarships at the Shock Convention in PGH. Next up was NUVO – this amazing convention was optional for Team ALDC but, our dancers certainly stood out in a big way when it came time to award the Scholarships; Sarah was selected as the Mini Break Out Artist R-up, Brooke, Haley, Jessa, and Jessica were Stand Out Scholarship Recipients, and Kylie was awarded the Die Hard Dancer Scholarship. In addition, members of the ALDC performed for Christmas Shoppers at the Mall, Took A Master Class from our Alum, Mr. John Michael Fiumara – who just finished the National Tour of Broadway’s Matlida, and Lucy Lokay shot a commercial!  Sleigh bells ring, are you listening to Mack Z’s new single?


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Sheer Talent Results 3/7-9

Highest Scoring Solo of the Weekend – Maddie Z. “These Boots Were Made for Walking”
Highest Scoring Group of the Weekend – Bossa Nova Baby
1st Senior Solo – Nick Dobbs
4th Senior Solo – Katherine Narasimhan
5th Senior Solo – Hope Roberts
1st Senior Group – I Forget Where We Were
2nd Senior Group – Forget the Past
1st Senior Line – Never Gonna Change
1st Teen Solo – Keara Sweeney
3rd Teen Solo – Ryan Nogy
4th Teen Solo – Alison Taylor
6th Teen Solo – Kassidy Leon
1st Teen Trio – Islands
1st Teen Group – Love
1st Teen Group – I Am Light
2nd Teen Line – Everybody Leaves
3rd Teen Line – Nameless
1st Pre-Teen Solo – Madde Ziegler Tap
2nd Pre-Teen Solo – Maddie Ziegler Contemporary
2nd Pre-Teen Duet – Behind the Glass
1st Pre-Teen Group – Bossa Nova Baby
2nd Pre-Teen Group – No Sign of Life
4th Pre-Teen Group – The Garden
5th Pre-Teen Group – Dollhouse
2nd Pre-Teen Line – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
5th Pre-Teen Line – Make Way
1st Junior Solo – Brooke Kosinski
3rd Junior Solo – Haley Vrolijk
1st Junior Duet – Bombshell
3rd Junior Duet – Wonderful World
1st Junior Group – Watercolors
2nd Junior Group – Bollero de Ballet
1st Junior Line – Wikked Lil Girls
2nd Junior Line – Get Here
2nd Small Wonder Solo – Makayla Clark
5th Small Wonder Solo – Mariah Sullivan
1st Small Wonder Group – I’m An Indian Too
1st Small Wonder Line – Bouince
2nd Small Wonder Line – Nicer in Nice
3rd Small Wonder Line – Beautiful World
Special Judges Awards
Sheer Choreography – Wikked Lil Girls
Sheer Choreography – Bossa Nova Baby
Sheer Legs – Alison Taylor
Sheer Personality – Brooke Kosinski
Jewel for a Queen – Kendall Vertes
Sheer Brilliance – Maddie Ziegler
Sheer Excellence – Keara Sweeney
Sheer Genuis – Ryan Nogy
Clarity of Tap – Bossa Nova Baby
Sheer Tricks – Watercolors
Spirit of Dance – Alex Biery
Fierce & Fabulous – Nameless
Sheer Radiance – I Am Light
Divine Inspiration – Nick Dobbs
Sheer Beauty – Love
Sheer Sophistication – Olivia Ice
Marvelous Balance – Katherine Narasimhan
Sheer Excellence – Never Gonna Change
Sheer Protege – Payton Ackerman
BDC Semester Acceptance Scholarship – Hope Roberts, Payton Ackerman, Katherine Narasimhan, Ian Schmoke
5-Class BDC Scholarship – Ian Schmoke
Perry School Class Scholarship-Nia Frazier
Half Ballet Seminar Scholarship – Katherine Narasimhan, Sarah Hunt
Full Ballet Seminar Scholarship – Hope Roberts, Payton Ackerman, Keara Sweeney, Ian Schmoke
Sheer Scholarships – Mary Eagle, Makayla Clark, Rylee Pratt, Haley Vrolijk, Raygan Lewandowski, Jessa Kinter, Kassidy Leon, Olivia Ice, Kylie Edwards

24/7 Results March 13-15!

2nd Mini Solo – Haley Vrolijk
3rd Mini Solo – Sarah Hunt
4th Mini Solo – Brooke Kosinski
9th Mini Solo – Anastasia Rose
5th Teen Solo – Ryan Nogy
2nd Senior Solo – Payton Ackerman
3rd Senior Solo – Ian Schmoke
4th Senior Solo – Olivia Ice
24/7 Non Stop Dancer Winners – Ian Schmoke & Sarah Hunt
24/7 Non Stop Dancer Finalists – Payton Ackerman, Ryan Nogy, Brooke Kosinski, Haley Vrolijk
High Five in Tap Class Scholarship – Anastasia Rose


1st Overall Junior Solo – Maddie Ziegler
1st Overall Junior Duo/Trio – Through the Glass
1st Overall Mini Duo/Trio – Wonderful World
2nd Overall Junior Solo – Kendall Vertes
2nd Overall Mini Duo/Trio – Bombshell
2nd Overall Teen Duu/Trio – Walk Through the Storm
2nd Overall Junior Group – The Garden
2nd Overall Mini Group – Bossa Nova Baby
2nd Overall Teen Line – Nameless
2nd Overall Teen Extended Line – Everybody Goes
3rd Overall Junior Solo – Haley Vrolijk
3rd Overall Junior Solo – Mackenzie Ziegler
3rd Overall Mini Group – Watercolors
3rd Overall Junior Group – Dollhouse
3rd Overall Junior Group – No Survivors
3rd Overall Junior Line – Wikked Lil Girls
1st Mini Specialty – Watercolors
1st Junior Contemporary – The Garden
1st Teen Lyrical – I Am Light
Nick Dobbs
Maddie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler
Ian Schmoke
Payton Ackerman
Hope Roberts
Keara Sweeney
Kendall Vertes
Dyson Ramey
Brooke Kosinski
Haley Vrolijk
Jazz, Contemporary, & Lyrical: Alex Biery, Selah Curran, Jessa Kinter, Kassidy Leon, Anastasia Rose, Alison Taylor
Ballet: Kylie Edwards, Madison Porter
Hip Hop: Sarah Hunt


NYCDA Results

2nd Overall Teen Group – Love
3rd Overall Teen Group – I Forget Where We Were
4th Overall Teen Group – I Am Light
1st Teen Cont Group – I Forget Where We Were
2nd Teen Speciality – Love
3rd Teen Lyrical Group – I Am Light
3rd Overall Mini Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
4th Overall Teen Soloist – Alison Taylor
6th Overall Teen Soloist – Keara Sweeney
6th Overall Mini Soloist- Sarah Hunt
9th Overall Senior Soloist – Payton Ackerman
10th Overall Senior Soloist – Ian Schmoke
Versatility Studio Award – ALDC
Critics Choice Nominees – Forget the Past, Love, I Am Light, I Forget Where We Were
Special Awards:
Outstanding Costume – Brooke Kosinski & Madison Porter
Outstanding Showmanship – Brooke Kosinski
Outstanding Potential – Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Interpretation – Kassidy Leon, Keara Sweeney
Outstanding Execution – Hope Roberts, Kassidy Leon, & Payton Ackerman
Regional Scholarship from Desmond Richardson – Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Dancer Runner-Ups:
Ian Schmoke
Nick Dobbs
Keara Sweeney
Brooke Kosinski
Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Dancer Finalists:
Payton Ackerman
Hope Roberts
Katherine Narasimhan
Kassidy Leon
Madison Porter
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Hollywood Vibe Pittsburgh Results 1/9-11!!!

Hollywood Vibe – Pittsburgh January 9-11, 2015
Senior Dancer of the Year – Payton Ackerman
LA Agency Award – Payton Ackerman & Brooke Kosinski
Team Hollywood Vibe Scholarship – Payton Ackerman
Nationals Scholarship Receipients – Haley Vrolijk & Keara Sweeney
Scholarship Finalists – Madison Porter, Kylie Edwards, Jessa Kinter, Brooke Kosinski
3rd Overall Mini Soloist – Rylee Pratt
4th Overall Intermediate Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
4th Overall Senior Soloist – Payton Ackerman
5th Overall Mini Soloist – Makayla Clark
5th Overall Junior Soloist- Sarah Hunt
5th Overall Intermediate Soloist – Selah Curran
5th Overall Teen Soloist – Ryan Nogy
1st Senior Jazz Soloist – Payton Ackerman
1st Senior Open Soloist – Ian Schmoke
1st Senior Tap Soloist – Olivia Ice
1st Teen Lyrical Soloist – Keara Sweeney
1st Teen Musical Theater Soloist – Madison Porter
1st Intermediate Acro Soloist – Haley Vrolijk
1st Intermediate Jazz Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
1st Intermediate Tap Soloist – Selah Curran
1st Junior Lyrical Soloist – Sarah Hunt
1st Mini Acro Soloist – Rylee Pratt
1st Mini Open Soloist – Makayla Clark
2nd Overall Senior Group – Never Gonna Change
4th Overall Senior Group – Forget the Past
2nd Senior Small Group – Never Gonna Change
3rd Senior Small Group – Forget the Past


Results from Sheer Talent Las Vegas Nationals 2014!

2014 Sheer Talent LTD Miss Dance – Payton Ackerman
2014 Sheer Talent LTD Mister Dance – Ian Schmoke
2014 Sheer Talent LTD Pre-Teen Miss Dance – Nia Frazier
2014 Sheer Talent LTD Junior Miss Dance – Mackenzie Ziegler
Highest Score of Solo/Duet/Trio of Competition – “Explosions”
1st Place Titanium Group/Line/Production -“Prayer”
1st Place Titanium Group/Line/Production – “Lost and Found”
1st Place Titanium Solo/Duet/Trio – “Bodies Electric”
2nd Place Titanium Solo/Duet/Trio – “Big Finish”
1st Place Senior Solo – Auriel Welty
1st Place Pre-Teen Solo – Maddie Ziegler “Game of Love”
2nd Place Senior Solo – Katherine Narasimhan
2nd Place Teen Solo – Sarah Reasons
2nd Place Pre-Teen Solo – Keara Sweeney
3rd Place Pre-Teen Solo – Maddie Ziegler “Happiness”
3rd Place Junior Solo – Anastasia Rose
4th Place Senior Solo – Ryleigh Vertes
4th Place Pre-Teen Solo – Kendall Vertes
7th Place Junior Solo – Haley Vrolijk
8th Place Junior Solo – Selah Curran
1st Place Senior Trio – “Explosions”
1st Place Pre-Teen Duet – “Bodies Electric”
1st Place Junior Duet – “Big Finish”
2nd Place Senior Trio – “All I Need”
2nd Place Teen Duet – “Too Young”
3rd Place Senior Trio – “Red”
1st Place Senior Group – “In Time”
1st Place Pre-Teen Group – “Free At Last”
1st Place Junior Group – “Toybox”
2nd Place Pre-Teen Group – “Just Another Number”
2nd Place Small Wonder Group- “7 Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat”
4th Place Senior Group – “Crazy in Love”
4th Place Junior Group – “GNO”
4th Place Small Wonder Group – “Indians”
5th Place Senior Group – “Still Alive”
5th Place Pre-Teen Group – “Red with Envy”
1st Place Senior Line – “Vampire Heart”
1st Place Teen Line – “America”
1st Place Junior Line – “Little Party”
2nd Place Junior Line – “Horizons”
4th Place Junior Line – “Blue Suede Shoes”
4th Place Small Wonder Line – “Party In Miami”
5th Place Small Wonder Line – “Following the Leader”


Highest Scoring Group – Lost and Found
1st Overall Senior Group – Lost and Found
2nd Overall Senior Group – Lucky One
3rd Overall Senior Group – In Time
4th Overall Senior Group – Vampire Heart
5th Overall Senior Group – Crazy In Love
1st Overall Teen Group – Welcome to Havanna
1st Overall Pre-Teen Group – Just Another Number
2nd Overall Pre-Teen Group – Red with Envy
3rd Overall Pre-Teen Group – Prayer
1st Overall Junior Group – Free At Last
2nd Overall Junior Group – GNO
3rd Overall Junior Group – Blame It On The boogie
1st Overall Small Wonders Group – Toybox
2nd Overall Small Wonders Group – Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat
3rd Overall Small Wonders Group – Party In Miamia
4th Overall Small Wonders Group – Dimples
1st Overall Junior Line – Little Party
2nd Overall Junior Line – Borrowed Angels
3rd Overall Junior Line – Horizons
4th Overall Junior Line – Blue Suede Shoes
1st Overall Small Wonder Line – Following the Leader
2nd Overall Senior Trio – Explosions
3rd Overall Senior Trio – Red
4th Overall Senior Trio – All I Need
2nd Overall Teen Duet – For Good
3rd Overall Teen Duet – Too Young
1st Overall Pre-Teen Duet – Bodies Electric
1st Overall Junior Duo/Trio – Big Finish
3rd Overall Senior Solo – Ian Schmoke
5th Overall Senior Solo – Katherine Narasimhan
1st Overall Teen Solo – Kamryn Beck
4th Overall Teen Solo – Kassidy Leon
1st Overall Pre-Teen Solo – Maddie Ziegler “Game of Love”
2nd Overall Pre-Teen Solo – Maddie Ziegler “Timeless”
3rd Overall Pre-Teen Solo – Kendall Vertes
4th Overall Pre-Teen Solo – Nia Frazier
1st Overall Junior Solo -Mackenzie Ziegler
2nd Overall Junior Solo – Anastasia Rose
3rd Overall Junior Solo – Selah Curran
4th Overall Junior Solo – Sammie Lenzie
5th Overall Junior Solo – Kylie Edwards
1st Overall Small Wonder Solo – Sarah Hunt
3rd Overall Small Wonder Solo – Rylee Pratt
Sheer Sophistication Award – Kassidy Leon
Bravo Award – Ian Schmoke
Sheer Vibrance Award – Kylie Edwards
Sheer Talent Award – Alex Biery
Sheer Radiance Award – Kendall Vertes
Sheer Legs Award – Kamryn Beck
Fierce and Fabulous Award – Maddie Ziegler
Very Impressive Award – Keara Sweeney
Sheer Entertainment Award – Mackenzie Ziegler
Sheer Technique Award – Toybox
Sheer Inspiration Award – Prayer
Sheer Sensation Award – Just Another Number
Sheer Joy Award – All I Need
Sheer Excellence Award – Bodies Electric
Sheer Genuis Award – Lost and Found
Spirit of Dance Award – Little Party

WCDE Results March 7-9

WCDE Pittsburgh March 7-9
1st Overall Teen Lyrical Duo/Trio – Brooke Kosinski & Auriel Welty
1st Overall Mini Open Duo/Trio – Mackenzie Ziegler & Brooke Kosinski
1st Overall Senior Jazz Duo/Trio – All I Need
1st Overall Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio – Red
1st Overall Junior Lyrical Small Group – Prayer
2nd Overall Junior Open Small Group – Red with Envy
2nd Overall Junior Contemporary Small Group – Just Another Number
2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Small Group – Lost and Found
Elite Senior Dancer Winners – Payton Ackerman & Ian Schmoke
Elite Teen Dancer Winner – Kamryn Beck
Elite Junior Dancer Winners – Maddie Ziegler, Nia Frazier, and Kendall Vertes
Elite Mini Dancer Winner – Mackenzie Ziegler
Year Long Convention Winners – Auriel Welty and  Sammie Lenzi
Hip Hop Class Winner – Haley Vrolijk
Finalists – Brooke Kosinski and Keara Sweeney