1st Overall Junior Solo – Maddie Ziegler
1st Overall Junior Duo/Trio – Through the Glass
1st Overall Mini Duo/Trio – Wonderful World
2nd Overall Junior Solo – Kendall Vertes
2nd Overall Mini Duo/Trio – Bombshell
2nd Overall Teen Duu/Trio – Walk Through the Storm
2nd Overall Junior Group – The Garden
2nd Overall Mini Group – Bossa Nova Baby
2nd Overall Teen Line – Nameless
2nd Overall Teen Extended Line – Everybody Goes
3rd Overall Junior Solo – Haley Vrolijk
3rd Overall Junior Solo – Mackenzie Ziegler
3rd Overall Mini Group – Watercolors
3rd Overall Junior Group – Dollhouse
3rd Overall Junior Group – No Survivors
3rd Overall Junior Line – Wikked Lil Girls
1st Mini Specialty – Watercolors
1st Junior Contemporary – The Garden
1st Teen Lyrical – I Am Light
Nick Dobbs
Maddie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler
Ian Schmoke
Payton Ackerman
Hope Roberts
Keara Sweeney
Kendall Vertes
Dyson Ramey
Brooke Kosinski
Haley Vrolijk
Jazz, Contemporary, & Lyrical: Alex Biery, Selah Curran, Jessa Kinter, Kassidy Leon, Anastasia Rose, Alison Taylor
Ballet: Kylie Edwards, Madison Porter
Hip Hop: Sarah Hunt


NYCDA Results

2nd Overall Teen Group – Love
3rd Overall Teen Group – I Forget Where We Were
4th Overall Teen Group – I Am Light
1st Teen Cont Group – I Forget Where We Were
2nd Teen Speciality – Love
3rd Teen Lyrical Group – I Am Light
3rd Overall Mini Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
4th Overall Teen Soloist – Alison Taylor
6th Overall Teen Soloist – Keara Sweeney
6th Overall Mini Soloist- Sarah Hunt
9th Overall Senior Soloist – Payton Ackerman
10th Overall Senior Soloist – Ian Schmoke
Versatility Studio Award – ALDC
Critics Choice Nominees – Forget the Past, Love, I Am Light, I Forget Where We Were
Special Awards:
Outstanding Costume – Brooke Kosinski & Madison Porter
Outstanding Showmanship – Brooke Kosinski
Outstanding Potential – Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Interpretation – Kassidy Leon, Keara Sweeney
Outstanding Execution – Hope Roberts, Kassidy Leon, & Payton Ackerman
Regional Scholarship from Desmond Richardson – Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Dancer Runner-Ups:
Ian Schmoke
Nick Dobbs
Keara Sweeney
Brooke Kosinski
Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Dancer Finalists:
Payton Ackerman
Hope Roberts
Katherine Narasimhan
Kassidy Leon
Madison Porter
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Hollywood Vibe Pittsburgh Results 1/9-11!!!

Hollywood Vibe – Pittsburgh January 9-11, 2015
Senior Dancer of the Year – Payton Ackerman
LA Agency Award – Payton Ackerman & Brooke Kosinski
Team Hollywood Vibe Scholarship – Payton Ackerman
Nationals Scholarship Receipients – Haley Vrolijk & Keara Sweeney
Scholarship Finalists – Madison Porter, Kylie Edwards, Jessa Kinter, Brooke Kosinski
3rd Overall Mini Soloist – Rylee Pratt
4th Overall Intermediate Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
4th Overall Senior Soloist – Payton Ackerman
5th Overall Mini Soloist – Makayla Clark
5th Overall Junior Soloist- Sarah Hunt
5th Overall Intermediate Soloist – Selah Curran
5th Overall Teen Soloist – Ryan Nogy
1st Senior Jazz Soloist – Payton Ackerman
1st Senior Open Soloist – Ian Schmoke
1st Senior Tap Soloist – Olivia Ice
1st Teen Lyrical Soloist – Keara Sweeney
1st Teen Musical Theater Soloist – Madison Porter
1st Intermediate Acro Soloist – Haley Vrolijk
1st Intermediate Jazz Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
1st Intermediate Tap Soloist – Selah Curran
1st Junior Lyrical Soloist – Sarah Hunt
1st Mini Acro Soloist – Rylee Pratt
1st Mini Open Soloist – Makayla Clark
2nd Overall Senior Group – Never Gonna Change
4th Overall Senior Group – Forget the Past
2nd Senior Small Group – Never Gonna Change
3rd Senior Small Group – Forget the Past


Maddie’s Night at the VMA’s

Thanks Australia!!! We Had an Amazing Time!!