More News and Notes From Australia

Dear Miss Abby

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

I will definitely come again in September and I will work very hard to improve on my performance and technique. Again thank you for this fantastic opportunity. Please thank the girls also for being so friendly and supportive and helping out with our group dance. You are an inspiration for me! – Thank you for coming to Australia.

Lots of love xoxoxo

Amy Keen


Dear Miss Abby

I loved hearing the whole personal story about you & ALDC. You are an inspiring teacher whom I would love learn more from. Could you please put me on your email list for teachers so I can attend any workshops you may offer when you return to Australia.

Congratulations to you and your beautiful ALDC girls for giving my daughter (and myself) an incredible experience that will inspire her to keep striving for excellence.

All the very best

Jane Keen



Hi Bec

I would just like to thank yourself, Abby, the girls, crew and all that worked tirelessly to make the Ultimate Dancer comp happen. Josh has had the most amazing experience. He has gained so much from being a part of this competition and I appreciate the effort that goes into its production. Josh may not have been an Ulitmate winner, but he has most certainly come away with many wins! He has won friendships, understand of the commercial world and gained self confidence.
Please pass on our thanks to all and let them know that Josh is truly grateful for the experience!
Take care
Donna xx"</p

Sheer Talent Results 3/7-9

Highest Scoring Solo of the Weekend – Maddie Z. “These Boots Were Made for Walking”
Highest Scoring Group of the Weekend – Bossa Nova Baby
1st Senior Solo – Nick Dobbs
4th Senior Solo – Katherine Narasimhan
5th Senior Solo – Hope Roberts
1st Senior Group – I Forget Where We Were
2nd Senior Group – Forget the Past
1st Senior Line – Never Gonna Change
1st Teen Solo – Keara Sweeney
3rd Teen Solo – Ryan Nogy
4th Teen Solo – Alison Taylor
6th Teen Solo – Kassidy Leon
1st Teen Trio – Islands
1st Teen Group – Love
1st Teen Group – I Am Light
2nd Teen Line – Everybody Leaves
3rd Teen Line – Nameless
1st Pre-Teen Solo – Madde Ziegler Tap
2nd Pre-Teen Solo – Maddie Ziegler Contemporary
2nd Pre-Teen Duet – Behind the Glass
1st Pre-Teen Group – Bossa Nova Baby
2nd Pre-Teen Group – No Sign of Life
4th Pre-Teen Group – The Garden
5th Pre-Teen Group – Dollhouse
2nd Pre-Teen Line – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
5th Pre-Teen Line – Make Way
1st Junior Solo – Brooke Kosinski
3rd Junior Solo – Haley Vrolijk
1st Junior Duet – Bombshell
3rd Junior Duet – Wonderful World
1st Junior Group – Watercolors
2nd Junior Group – Bollero de Ballet
1st Junior Line – Wikked Lil Girls
2nd Junior Line – Get Here
2nd Small Wonder Solo – Makayla Clark
5th Small Wonder Solo – Mariah Sullivan
1st Small Wonder Group – I’m An Indian Too
1st Small Wonder Line – Bouince
2nd Small Wonder Line – Nicer in Nice
3rd Small Wonder Line – Beautiful World
Special Judges Awards
Sheer Choreography – Wikked Lil Girls
Sheer Choreography – Bossa Nova Baby
Sheer Legs – Alison Taylor
Sheer Personality – Brooke Kosinski
Jewel for a Queen – Kendall Vertes
Sheer Brilliance – Maddie Ziegler
Sheer Excellence – Keara Sweeney
Sheer Genuis – Ryan Nogy
Clarity of Tap – Bossa Nova Baby
Sheer Tricks – Watercolors
Spirit of Dance – Alex Biery
Fierce & Fabulous – Nameless
Sheer Radiance – I Am Light
Divine Inspiration – Nick Dobbs
Sheer Beauty – Love
Sheer Sophistication – Olivia Ice
Marvelous Balance – Katherine Narasimhan
Sheer Excellence – Never Gonna Change
Sheer Protege – Payton Ackerman
BDC Semester Acceptance Scholarship – Hope Roberts, Payton Ackerman, Katherine Narasimhan, Ian Schmoke
5-Class BDC Scholarship – Ian Schmoke
Perry School Class Scholarship-Nia Frazier
Half Ballet Seminar Scholarship – Katherine Narasimhan, Sarah Hunt
Full Ballet Seminar Scholarship – Hope Roberts, Payton Ackerman, Keara Sweeney, Ian Schmoke
Sheer Scholarships – Mary Eagle, Makayla Clark, Rylee Pratt, Haley Vrolijk, Raygan Lewandowski, Jessa Kinter, Kassidy Leon, Olivia Ice, Kylie Edwards

24/7 Results March 13-15!

2nd Mini Solo – Haley Vrolijk
3rd Mini Solo – Sarah Hunt
4th Mini Solo – Brooke Kosinski
9th Mini Solo – Anastasia Rose
5th Teen Solo – Ryan Nogy
2nd Senior Solo – Payton Ackerman
3rd Senior Solo – Ian Schmoke
4th Senior Solo – Olivia Ice
24/7 Non Stop Dancer Winners – Ian Schmoke & Sarah Hunt
24/7 Non Stop Dancer Finalists – Payton Ackerman, Ryan Nogy, Brooke Kosinski, Haley Vrolijk
High Five in Tap Class Scholarship – Anastasia Rose

Some Letters and Pics from Our Friends in Ireland!

Hi everyone, I would just like to say a big thankyou from the bottom of my heart to Abby, all of the girls and the moms. It was an amazing surprise and one I will never forget. It was a dream come true! Everyone made me feel so welcome and so special and I want you to know ALDC has always  inspired me to become a better dancer. Hopefully my health can improve and I can get back to doing what I love best…dancing. In the meantime I will practice pointing and stretching my feet with my Abby Lee Warm-Up socks! Hopefully I get good news 
tomorrow at my results for my MRI. I would love to keep you up to date with my progress if that’s okay, I am presuming I just do it through this email? I have included a few photos from yesterday and again I cannot thankyou enough for everything. Love, Anna


Hi I was in Cork today for the meet and greet thanks abbey lee all the girls and of course the moms for a great show really enjoyed it my daughter has not stopped smiling since she left very talented young bunch u have there thanks again for a great day out!


Jenna had great time and loved it especially meeting Maddie and watching her dance. Everyone was amazing thanks again for the opportunity and I still can’t believe ye all came to Kilkenny!! Our friends and family think Jenna is now a little celebrity!!!! Best wishes
Lorraine and Jenna


Check out Pics from our Trip to Ireland!!!


1st Overall Junior Solo – Maddie Ziegler
1st Overall Junior Duo/Trio – Through the Glass
1st Overall Mini Duo/Trio – Wonderful World
2nd Overall Junior Solo – Kendall Vertes
2nd Overall Mini Duo/Trio – Bombshell
2nd Overall Teen Duu/Trio – Walk Through the Storm
2nd Overall Junior Group – The Garden
2nd Overall Mini Group – Bossa Nova Baby
2nd Overall Teen Line – Nameless
2nd Overall Teen Extended Line – Everybody Goes
3rd Overall Junior Solo – Haley Vrolijk
3rd Overall Junior Solo – Mackenzie Ziegler
3rd Overall Mini Group – Watercolors
3rd Overall Junior Group – Dollhouse
3rd Overall Junior Group – No Survivors
3rd Overall Junior Line – Wikked Lil Girls
1st Mini Specialty – Watercolors
1st Junior Contemporary – The Garden
1st Teen Lyrical – I Am Light
Nick Dobbs
Maddie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler
Ian Schmoke
Payton Ackerman
Hope Roberts
Keara Sweeney
Kendall Vertes
Dyson Ramey
Brooke Kosinski
Haley Vrolijk
Jazz, Contemporary, & Lyrical: Alex Biery, Selah Curran, Jessa Kinter, Kassidy Leon, Anastasia Rose, Alison Taylor
Ballet: Kylie Edwards, Madison Porter
Hip Hop: Sarah Hunt


NYCDA Results

2nd Overall Teen Group – Love
3rd Overall Teen Group – I Forget Where We Were
4th Overall Teen Group – I Am Light
1st Teen Cont Group – I Forget Where We Were
2nd Teen Speciality – Love
3rd Teen Lyrical Group – I Am Light
3rd Overall Mini Soloist – Brooke Kosinski
4th Overall Teen Soloist – Alison Taylor
6th Overall Teen Soloist – Keara Sweeney
6th Overall Mini Soloist- Sarah Hunt
9th Overall Senior Soloist – Payton Ackerman
10th Overall Senior Soloist – Ian Schmoke
Versatility Studio Award – ALDC
Critics Choice Nominees – Forget the Past, Love, I Am Light, I Forget Where We Were
Special Awards:
Outstanding Costume – Brooke Kosinski & Madison Porter
Outstanding Showmanship – Brooke Kosinski
Outstanding Potential – Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Interpretation – Kassidy Leon, Keara Sweeney
Outstanding Execution – Hope Roberts, Kassidy Leon, & Payton Ackerman
Regional Scholarship from Desmond Richardson – Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Dancer Runner-Ups:
Ian Schmoke
Nick Dobbs
Keara Sweeney
Brooke Kosinski
Sarah Hunt
Outstanding Dancer Finalists:
Payton Ackerman
Hope Roberts
Katherine Narasimhan
Kassidy Leon
Madison Porter
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