Highest Scoring Group – Lost and Found
1st Overall Senior Group – Lost and Found
2nd Overall Senior Group – Lucky One
3rd Overall Senior Group – In Time
4th Overall Senior Group – Vampire Heart
5th Overall Senior Group – Crazy In Love
1st Overall Teen Group – Welcome to Havanna
1st Overall Pre-Teen Group – Just Another Number
2nd Overall Pre-Teen Group – Red with Envy
3rd Overall Pre-Teen Group – Prayer
1st Overall Junior Group – Free At Last
2nd Overall Junior Group – GNO
3rd Overall Junior Group – Blame It On The boogie
1st Overall Small Wonders Group – Toybox
2nd Overall Small Wonders Group – Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat
3rd Overall Small Wonders Group – Party In Miamia
4th Overall Small Wonders Group – Dimples
1st Overall Junior Line – Little Party
2nd Overall Junior Line – Borrowed Angels
3rd Overall Junior Line – Horizons
4th Overall Junior Line – Blue Suede Shoes
1st Overall Small Wonder Line – Following the Leader
2nd Overall Senior Trio – Explosions
3rd Overall Senior Trio – Red
4th Overall Senior Trio – All I Need
2nd Overall Teen Duet – For Good
3rd Overall Teen Duet – Too Young
1st Overall Pre-Teen Duet – Bodies Electric
1st Overall Junior Duo/Trio – Big Finish
3rd Overall Senior Solo – Ian Schmoke
5th Overall Senior Solo – Katherine Narasimhan
1st Overall Teen Solo – Kamryn Beck
4th Overall Teen Solo – Kassidy Leon
1st Overall Pre-Teen Solo – Maddie Ziegler “Game of Love”
2nd Overall Pre-Teen Solo – Maddie Ziegler “Timeless”
3rd Overall Pre-Teen Solo – Kendall Vertes
4th Overall Pre-Teen Solo – Nia Frazier
1st Overall Junior Solo -Mackenzie Ziegler
2nd Overall Junior Solo – Anastasia Rose
3rd Overall Junior Solo – Selah Curran
4th Overall Junior Solo – Sammie Lenzie
5th Overall Junior Solo – Kylie Edwards
1st Overall Small Wonder Solo – Sarah Hunt
3rd Overall Small Wonder Solo – Rylee Pratt
Sheer Sophistication Award – Kassidy Leon
Bravo Award – Ian Schmoke
Sheer Vibrance Award – Kylie Edwards
Sheer Talent Award – Alex Biery
Sheer Radiance Award – Kendall Vertes
Sheer Legs Award – Kamryn Beck
Fierce and Fabulous Award – Maddie Ziegler
Very Impressive Award – Keara Sweeney
Sheer Entertainment Award – Mackenzie Ziegler
Sheer Technique Award – Toybox
Sheer Inspiration Award – Prayer
Sheer Sensation Award – Just Another Number
Sheer Joy Award – All I Need
Sheer Excellence Award – Bodies Electric
Sheer Genuis Award – Lost and Found
Spirit of Dance Award – Little Party

Congratulations Taylor Ackerman!

Taylor Ackerman Hit the big time with Michael Rooney’s Season 2 of HIT THE FLOOR on VH1! Another ALDC success story!
 TaylorAckermanHSScreen Shot 2014-03-19 at 12.10.28 AM

WCDE Results March 7-9

WCDE Pittsburgh March 7-9
1st Overall Teen Lyrical Duo/Trio – Brooke Kosinski & Auriel Welty
1st Overall Mini Open Duo/Trio – Mackenzie Ziegler & Brooke Kosinski
1st Overall Senior Jazz Duo/Trio – All I Need
1st Overall Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio – Red
1st Overall Junior Lyrical Small Group – Prayer
2nd Overall Junior Open Small Group – Red with Envy
2nd Overall Junior Contemporary Small Group – Just Another Number
2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Small Group – Lost and Found
Elite Senior Dancer Winners – Payton Ackerman & Ian Schmoke
Elite Teen Dancer Winner – Kamryn Beck
Elite Junior Dancer Winners – Maddie Ziegler, Nia Frazier, and Kendall Vertes
Elite Mini Dancer Winner – Mackenzie Ziegler
Year Long Convention Winners – Auriel Welty and  Sammie Lenzi
Hip Hop Class Winner – Haley Vrolijk
Finalists – Brooke Kosinski and Keara Sweeney


Abby’s looking good….

Is it me or is Abby getting thinner every season?  I think these moms are lucky to have her, she’s made them all celebrities and except for Holly and Melissa- Kira now too – those mothers are ungrateful and so rude to Abby. She made them famous-does anybody ever tell them that? best of luck Abby!

Jump Results!

MINI BEST OF JUMP – “Blame It On The Boogie”
Best in Studio – “Frost”
1st Overall Junior/Mini Contemporary  - “Red with Envy”
1st Overall Junior/Mini Jazz – “Little Party”
1st Overall Junior/Mini Lyrical – “Frost”
1st Overall Junior/Mini Specialty – “Toybox”
1st Overall Junior/Mini Tap – “Blame It On The Boogie”
1st Overall Mini Group – “Blame It On The Boogie”
1st Overall Mini Line – “Little Party”
1st Overall Junior Group – “Frost”
2nd Overall Mini Group – “GNO”
2nd Overall Junior Group – “Red with Envy”
2nd Overall Senior Groups – “Lost and Found”
3rd Overall Mini Group – “Borrowed Angels”
3rd Overall Senior Groups – “Lucky One”
Senior VIP Scholarship Winner – Payton Ackerman
Mini VIP Scholarship Winner – Brooke Kosinski
Senior VIP Scholarship Runner- Up – Auriel Welty
Senior VIP Scholarship Runner- Up – Mariah Avazis
Junior VIP Scholarship Runner- Up – Keara Sweeney
Mini VIP Scholarship Runner- Up – Kylie Edwards
Mini VIP Scholarship Runner- Up – Selah Curran
Ballet Class Scholarship –  Sammie Lenzi
Jazz/Cont/Lyrical Class Scholarship – Hope Roberts
Jazz/Cont/Lyrical Class Scholarship – Ryleigh Vertes
Jazz/Cont/Lyrical Class Scholarship – Ian Schmoke
Jazz/Cont/Lyrical Class Scholarship – Haley Vrolijk
Jazz/Cont/Lyrical Class Scholarship – Nina Cerniglia
Tap Class Scholarship – Maddie Bennett
*Please Note: Kendall, Nia, Maddie, and Mackenzie were all VIP finalists on Sat but were shooting in Sunday and therefore NOT present or eligable for a Scholarship!