We always want to present a polished appearance. Hair must be up off the back of your neck and slicked away from the face in either a ponytail, bun or French braid.

  • A bun is mandatory for all Tuesday/ Saturday Ballet Classes in LA, and MondayThursday, and Saturday Ballet Classes in Pittsburgh.
  • No jewelry is allowed for safety reasons. Necklaces can break. Rings can fly off. Earring backs fall.
  • No Baggy Sweats. Neat dance warm ups may be worn only until your muscles are warm. Young students may wear a sweater if necessary during the winter. Cover-ups must be worn to and from class. Never enter or leave the studio in only your dance attire.
  • DO NOT wear dance shoes outside. Wearing dance shoes outside ruins the sole and also tracks dirt, oil & gravel into the studio, causing damage to the customized floors.


Girl’s Dress Code

Solid Color Leotard – Any style or material is acceptable, but refrain from purchasing busy patterns. Tights – Ballet Pink, Black, White, Jazzy Tan or Suntan are permitted. All Tu-Two Cute, Baby Ballerinas and Prima Preschoolers may use full footed. Minis will need stirrup or footless or convertible tights. Pink Tights are mandatory for all Ballet Classes 45 Minutes in length or Longer!

Bootie Shorts and crop tops are certainly acceptable for all other genre’s of dance. Such as; Contemporary, Jazz, Legs & Feet, Acrobatics, and Gymnastics.

HIP HOP STUDENTS MAY NOT WEAR THEIR STREET SHOES (That means the shoes you wore out on the street and used to walk into the building) ON THE DANCE FLOORS INSIDE THE ACTUAL DANCE STUDIOS!!! You will be fined $300.00.


Girl’s Shoes:    

 • Baby Ballerinas / Tan Theatricals Buckle Tap Shoes and Bloch Leather Ballet Slippers

• Prima Preschool / Tan Theatricals Buckle Tap Shoes or *Gold Glitter Buckle and Bloch Leather Ballet Slippers

• Int/Adv Prima Preschool / Tan Theatricals or *Gold Glitter Buckle Tap Shoes and Bloch Leather Ballet Slippers, stirrup tights

• Mighty Minis / Tan Theatricals Buckle Tap Shoes and Bloch Leather Ballet Slippers, stirrup tights

• Novice Petites / Tan Theatricals Buckle Tap Shoes & Bloch Leather Ballet Slippers, stirrup tights, Black Gore Jazz

• Junior/ Preteens / Tan Theatricals Buckle Tap Shoes and Bloch Leather or Canvas Sansha Ballet Slippers, stirrup tights, Black Gore Jazz Shoes

•Preteens/ Teens / Black Oxford Tie Tap Shoes and Bloch Leather or Canvas Sansha Ballet Slippers, stirrup tights, Black Gore Jazz Shoes

• Adults / Check with Instructor for appropriate shoes

***New Ballroom Class – The specific shoe desired by our instructors are available at Broadway Baby’s Dancewear and Costume Shoppe.

ALDC Members will need specific shoes for each competition routine, as they are decided upon.

• BLOCH Pink Leather Dansoft Ballet Slippers for the Premier Preschool Program, all Novice, Int, and Adv Mini, Jr, Preteen and Teen Classes.

• Pink Canvas Slippers for all Advanced Ballet Ensemble Classes. Pink Pointe Shoes (consult with instructor).

• Novice through Intermediate Junior Tap Students – Tan Theatricals Buckle Tap Shoe

• Junior Adv Tap Students – Capezio Black Oxfords • Preteen & Teen Intermediate & Adv Tap – K360 by Capezio

• Black canvas pull on jazz shoes,gore, or neoprene jazz shoes will be needed for all Jazz classes.

• NEW Tan Nude half Ballet Slipper/ Turners will be needed by all Petite, Junior, Preteen, Teen, Sr Co members

***Note a new Jazz Shoe is in developement by Abby Lee!

Suggestion! Please put your child’s name and phone number inside the instep of all shoes. The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


Boys Dress Code:

• Black dance pants, sweat pants, or Hip Hop pants. Tucked in T-shirt or muscle shirt. Long Hair must be up and secured off the back of the neck for technique as well as the prevention of injury to another dancer.

Boys Shoes:

• White Socks and White Canvas Ballet shoes

• Adv Ballet Students may wear Black Canvas Shoes.

• Bare feet and Tan or Black Pull on Canvas, Gore, or Neoprene Boots for all Jazz Classes and Musical Theater

• Black Hip hop Sneakers, Black Oxford Tap Shoes. Capezio K360 Intermediate/ Advanced Tap Students.


All male students should be respectful of all the ladies in this building, as well as their property and the building itself. You are here on a partial tuition scholarship. Many of the girls are paying 5 times this, your behavior should be exemplary at all times and scholarship recipients should always work harder in class than anyone else. You will be held to a higher standard by all faculty members. The first time you are asked to leave a class because of your behavior your tuition will be changed to the full price from the current reign dance productions tuition rate chart.