Competition Results-News

Pittsburgh Competition Results 2015 / 2016


Sheer Talent, LTD.
Foxwoods, CT July 2015
2015 Pre-Teen Miss – Kendall Vertes
Highest Scoring Solo – Maddie Ziegler “All God’s Creatures”
1st Titanium Junior Line – Wikked Lil Girls
1st Titanium Preteen Group – No Sign of Life
1st Titanium Preteen Solo – Maddie Ziegler “All God’s Creatures”
2nd Titanium Junior Solo – Brooke Kosinski
2nd Titanium Male Preteen Solo – Dyson Ramey
2nd Titanium Preteen Group – Bossa Nova Baby
3rd Titanium Junior Line – Get Here
3rd Titanium Preteen Solo – Maddie Ziegler “These Boots Were Made for Walkin”
4th Titanium Preteen Group – Dollhouse
10th Titanium Junior Solo – Anastasia Rose
2nd Overall Platinum Group – Dollhouse
3rd Overall Platinum Group – Watercolors
1st Overall Titanium Duo/Trio – Through the Glass
2nd Overall Titanium Duo/Trio – Bombshell
3rd Overall Titanium Group – Bossa Nova Baby

The Dance Awards
New York, NY July 2015
Top 22 Best Mini Female Dancers – Brooke Kosinski, Mackenzie Ziegler
3rd Runner Up Best Junior Female Dancer – Maddie Ziegler
Scholarship Winners – Brooke Kosinski, Kylie Edwards, Mackenzie Ziegler

Pittsburgh, PA Nov. 15
Scholarship Winners – Jessa Kinter, Brooke Kosinski

Pittsburgh, PA Nov. 20-22
4th Mini Solo – Sarah Hunt
7th Junior Solo – Jessa Kinter
9th Junior Solo – Brooke Kosinski
Die Hard Dancer – Kylie Edwards
Breakout Runner Up – Sarah Hunt
Jazz Winner – Jessica Ross
Tap Scholarship – Brooke Kosinski
Ballet Scholarship – Jessa Kinter

Pittsburgh, PA Jan. 8-10
1st Preteen Jazz Solo – Jessica Ross
3rd Junior Jazz Solo – Adrianna Dorovenis
Choreography Award – Spare Change
Grand Prize Winner – Mackenzie Ziegler
National Scholarship Winners – Jessa Kinter, Sarah Hunt
Excellence Scholarship Winner – Kylie Edwards
Team Hollywood Scholarship Winner – Brooke Kosinski

Pittsburgh, PA Feb. 5-7
8th Junior Preteen Solo – Brooke Kosinski
Outstanding Style Award – Brooke Kosinski
Hip Hop Scholarship – Brooke Kosinski
National Scholarship Runners Up – Brooke Kosinski, Sarah Hunt

Pittsburgh, PA Feb. 12-14
8th Junior Solo – Brooke Kosinski
10th Junior Solo – Jessa Kinter
VIP Winner – Brooke Kosinski
VIP Runners Up – Jessa Kinter, Kylie Edwards
Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Winners – Alaina Scabora, Anastasia Rose, Halie Smith, Jessie Kowalkowski, Lucy Lokay

Pittsburgh, PA Mar. 5-6
1st Junior Solo – Mariah Sullivan
1st Preteen Solo – Jessa Kinter
2nd Junior Solo – Sarah Hunt “Winter”
3rd Junior Solo – Sarah Hunt “Odalisque”
4th Junior Solo – Alaina Scabora “If No One Will Listen”
4th Preteen Solo – Brooke Kosinski
6th Preteen Solo – Brooke Kosinski
7th Junior Solo – Alaina Scabora “Pixie”
8th Junior Jazz Solo – Jessica Ross
8th Teen Solo – Alivia Cooper
1st Junior Group – Safe and Sound
1st Teen Duet – Girls Interrupted
2nd Junior Group – Lost Boys
2nd Preteen Duet – Courtin Time
3rd Preteen Duet – If I Should Lose My Way
3rd Preteen Group – Grapevine
3rd Teen Group – Prisoner of Hope
4th Junior Group – Dance Bop Shoo Bop
5th Preteen Group – Spare Change
A Dancer of Tomorrow – Kylie Edwards
Great Clarity of Tap – Dyson Ramey
Powerhouse Award – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
Sheer Ballerina – Head Full of Drums
Sheer Beauty – Maddie Pietrisinski
Sheer Brilliance – Girls Interrupted
Sheer Excellence – Jessa Kinter
Sheer Inspiration – I Feel Pretty
Sheer Joy – Rock and Roll Teddy
Sheer Legs – Sarah Hunt
Sheer Technique – Brooke Kosinski
Sheer Vibrancy – Spare Change
Half Ballet Scholarship – Alaina Scabora, Brooke Kosinski
Full Ballet Scholarship – Dyson Ramey, Jessa Kinter, Sarah Hunt
Regional/National Scholarship Winners – Dyson Ramey, Jessa Kinter
National Scholarship Winners – Anastasia Rose, Brooke Kosinski, Kylie Edwards
Sheer Scholarship Winners – Alivia Bella, Halie Smith, Lexi Agona, Mariah Sullivan, Kayden Roden
Pittsburgh, PA Mar. 11-13
Nonstop Dancer Runners Up – Brook Kosinski, Kylie Edwards, Sarah Hunt
Tap Scholarship – Jessa Kinter

Pittsburgh, PA Mar. 18-20
5th Preteen Group – Prisoner of Hope
National Qualifier – Jessica Ross

Pittsburgh, PA Apr. 15-17
1st Apprentice Senior Solo – Alivia Bella
2nd Apprentice Petite Solo – Jaelyn Ward
2nd Junior Jazz Solo – Adrianna Dorovenis
3rd Junior Open Solo – Mariah Sullivan
5th Company Preteen Solo – Selah Curran
1st Apprentice Petite Duo/Trio – Three Little Fishies
2nd Company Duo/Trio – Toyfriend
1st Apprentice Petite Group – Rock and Roll Teddy
1st Apprentice Teen Group – I Feel Pretty
1st Company Teen Group – Prisoner of Hope
1st Junior Group – Lost Boys
2nd Apprentice Teen Group – Rolling in the Deep
2nd Junior Group – Dance Bop Shoo Bop
Camera Ready Award – Erica Perri
Confidence Award – Selah Curran
Sassy Senorita – Adrianna Dorovenis
Cast Awards – Adrianna Dorovenis, Alaina Scabora, Alivia Cooper, Maddie Pietrisinski, Mariah Sullivan
Take the Lead Scholarship Winners – Alaina Scabora, Maddie Pietrisinski
Camp Pulse Partial Scholarship – Jaelyn Ward

Pittsburgh, PA Apr. 22-24
Inspire Recognition – Jessica Ross
Full Year Scholarship Winner – Jessa Kinter
Half National Scholarship Winner – Brooke Kosinski
Regional Scholarship Winner – Kylie Edwards

Kids Artistic Revue
Pittsburgh, PA May 6-8
3rd Overall Primary 12-14 Solo – Lexi Agona
3rd Overall Primary 9-11 Solo – Adrianna Dorovenis
10th Overall Primary 8 & Under Solo – Mariah Sullivan
10th Overall Intermediate 9-11 Solo – Jessie Kowalkowski
9th Overall Intermediate 12-14 Solo – Maddie Pietrisinski
13th Overall Intermediate 12-14 Solo – Selah Curran
12th Overall Secondary 9-11 Solo – Alaina Scabora “If No One Will Listen”
10th Overall Intermediate 15-19 Solo – Alivia Cooper
10th Overall Primary 8 & Under Duo/Trio – Three Little Fishies
7th Overall Primary 8 & Under Duo/Trio – Wild Wild West
3rd Overall Intermediate 15-19 Duo/Trio – Toyfriend
4th Overall Secondary 12-14 Small Group – Prisoner of Hope
5th Overall Primary 9-11 Small Group – Lost Boys
7th Overall Primary 9-11 Small Group – Dance Bop Shoo Bop
7th Overall Secondary 12-14 Small Group – I Feel Pretty
Best Costume – Rolling in the Deep
Perfect Poise – Lost Boys
Sensational Staging – Prisoner of Hope
NYC All Star Invites Solo – Adrianna Dorovenis, Jessica Ross, Jessie Kowalkowski, Lucy Lokay, Nina Cerniglia, Selah Curran Summer Kaczynski
NYC All Star Invites Duo/Trio/Groups – “Dance Bop Shoo Bop”; “Hey Mr. Pinstripe Suit”; “I Feel Pretty”; “Rolling in the Deep”; “Toyfriend”
KAR Convention Scholarship – Summer Kaczynski

Pittsburgh, PA May 6-8
Junior Core Performer Runners Up – Brooke Kosinski, Jessa Kinter, Mackenzie Ziegler
Teen Core Performer Runner Up – Maddie Ziegler
Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Scholarship – Dyson Ramey, Kylie Edwards