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For Coments about the Television Show Dance Moms or to contact Abby directly write or call the production company:

Because we receive a tremendous number of emails and can’t always respond in a timely fashion, Please note:

  • If you are looking to attend classes or enroll, please call the studio for schedule or better yet – come in!
  • Due to the large number of calls we receive, if it is busy, keep trying!
  • We will present a Dance Concert in June. Tickets go on sale to the public May 1st. Please check back then or sign up for our newsletter.
  • We do NOT know our schedule of competitions ahead of time. That is part of the show format to keep us all in the dark about where we are going.
  • Master Classes are scheduled for March & April in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Indiana, and California. Follow ABBY on Instagram @therealabbylee for up to date information.
  • We do not accept ideas for music. We must use a library of music that Lifetime has contracted.
  • Please check the website or sign up for theĀ newsletter.



7123 Saltsburg Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235