Notes to Abby


From James

Hey there Abby,

Let me say that I thoroughly enjoy watching Dance Moms. I especially enjoy watching the rehearsal process and the performances. (Some of the mothers not so much.)

I am a retired professional singer who had a wonderful career working for years in the New York theater scene as well as in Europe. I’ve been blessed to have performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. I could have NEVER achieved the career I had had I not trained with a voice teacher who had the same style of training that you have. My teacher’s demanding and strict style of teaching not only prepared me for a professional career, she prepared me for real life and the realities of what I had to do if I wanted a career. When I hear you giving out a dose of reality it brings back memories of how my teacher used to talk to me.

I must ask, why do you put up with Kelly, Christie and Jill? Kelly and Jill’s kids ARE lazy. From the way it looks on TV dance is only a passing fancy to them and not a burning passion like it is for Maddie. Chloe is a lovely dancer and has the potential of being a wonderful dancer if only her mother would stop undermining what you’re trying to do. I believe these mother’s don’t understand that they need you more than you need them. Your company has been successful long before the show came along and will continue to be once the show ends.

During an episode I will watch when the kids are rehearsing and performing, but I leave the room when the camera is on the mothers. They come off like a bunch of back biting mean girls with an unrealistic sense of entitlement. In life there are winners and losers. Not everyone at the Olympics gets to be on the metals stand.

I realize that the behaviors and mean comments the mothers make makes for good TV, but you are a renown professional who should not have to put up with the nasty comments, the undermining of your authority and childish disrespect. If my mother EVER spoke to my instructors the way these mothers talk to you I would have been dropped in a minute and blackballed by every other teacher in a 50 mile radius.

This email is not meant to be a downer. I’m simply emailing you to let you know that I enjoy what you do and feel that you deserve better from the people around you.

James Clark