Notes to Abby


From Our Atlanta Master Class

photoMy ten year old came to the master class yesterday and had an extraordinary
time. She is not a technically proficient dancer and she doesn’t have a ton
of talent but she has incredible enthusiasm. She pushed her way to the front
row and when Abby at one point commented on people in the front row, Abby
asked her is she had confidence and she said yes. Abby asked if she had
talent to match and she said “uh no” (to laughter) and Abby told her she had
I just wanted you all to know what a gift this really was – my daughter has
Autism and goes to a special school – and thru dance is able to interact
with typical peers, be a part of a group and express herself which is very
difficult for her to do with words. The courage it took for her to go
yesterday – where she went with no friends or dance team mates – and fully
participate and be noticed – was a dream for her. She loved Abby, she loved
meeting the girls and the moms and most of all, she loved dancing in the
Thank you for allowing me to give her this gift.
Janel Margaretta