Hot Off the Press


From Patty: July, 2013

Hi Abby,
     Hope you are well! It seems as though you are well, after seeing you at the concert, you look fantastic! I wanted to talk with you for just a second but you were too busy. Anyway, your concert was perfection as always, although I certainly did miss seeing a certain someone very much, but I heard he was too busy to attend! Thank you so much for the lovely announcement during the show, it made me cry, and of course I know you must have as well. Both, you and I have reason to be proud of him!
     I just received the ALDC program book, which was beautifully made, and was delightfully surprised to see the page dedicated to John Michael and his accomplishments thus far! How generous and kind it was of you to commemorate him in such a way! Thank you so much, I can’t wait to show it to him and to tell him about the announcement as well!
     I just heard about the ALDC bus trip to NYC this Sunday and want to also thank you for making it so affordable to all those going.
Since there is room for me to join the group, I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity! I can’t wait to share this joy with so many of the people he grew up with. I’m sure he will be thrilled and blessed to see everyone! Thanks for making it happen.
     I have tried calling your mom many times in the past few months, but to no avail. I don’t want to come to the house unannounced, and would love to see her. I spoke to her at the concert and she said she would give me a call, I hope she does!
That’s all for now, I hope to talk to you soon!