Illustrious Alumni


Ira Cambric

(5 year student – Age 14 to 19)

Ira Cambric – Ira is the reigning Mr. Dance of PA and the New York City Mr. DEA. After returning from the national competitions this summer, where he earned the Title, Mr. Personality from his peers, he decided to begin his professional career. Now he is working right along side Kristi in the “Tarzan Rocks” Show at The Animal Kingdom! Ira gets to improvise and be creative on stage every day, this is right up his alley. He brings a fresh and innovative quality to every show!

Update: Ira finished his first professional contract in August and began his second in August. He nabbed a coveted eight month contract for Tokyo Disneyland. Ira is living in the American Village/ Tokyo, Japan and performing the the stunt spectacular, “Mystic Rhythms”. He stopped in Thailand to vacation before returning to the Burgh!

Update: You may have seen Ira selling programs at the annual dance concert. He was thrilled to see everyone before jetting off to South America. Mr. Cambric will be touring the world with Stilletto Entertainment for the next 6 months.