Illustrious Alumni


Jennifer Snyder

(10 year student)

1991 Penn Hills graduate, was the Dance Captain on board the MV Mercury with Celebrity Cruise Lines, and assistant to the choreographer. She explored the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, the Panama Canal and Alaska. Not that the gypsy in Jennifer has been satisfied, she has returned to the Shoji Tabuchi Show in Branson, MO to enjoy the luxuries of “land-life”. This year, 2001, marks 10 years of a successful professional dance career!
Update: Jennifer had to light a fire under her director to get the dates off for Heather’s Wedding. Literally her costume caught on fire in the last show! As the Maid of Honor in Heather’s Wedding, Jennifer had to direct, choreograph and critique! Luckily a theater was waiting for her return! Jennifer will continue her Shoju Tabuchi Show In Branson, MO through this Holiday Season!

Update: Working steady since graduating from High School, Jennifer has performed across the US and around the world delighting thousands of audience members she has decided to retire while still in her twenties, must be nice! I am thrilled to have her back at the studio teaching! Her life long training at the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio combined with her professional performing experience, not to mention her high energy personality will be a great asset to all the students.

Update: Miss Jennifer Snyder became Mrs. Jennifer Zeitler on October 2, 2004. Best Wishes to the Beautiful Bride and her Handsome Husband! Update: Jennifer gave birth to a little boy so she would be guaranteed to be in the Front and the Middle