Illustrious Alumni


Jessica Swesey

(4 year student, formerly w/ DMA colleague)

Graduated from Latrobe High School in June of 2002! She also traveled to New York to attend the DEA National Convention in July! Attending several auditions with Claire proved to be quite successful – she too, began her professional career in August! Working with Pam Bolling from Hard Drive Entertainment has been great! The choreography in the “Halloween Spooktacular” at Busch Gardens is challenging and the troupe of talented dancers is tremendous. Jessica and Claire are having a great time in their very own Condo! These Lucky Ladies will be off for one week between shows – just enough time to work on their tans. If your in Orlando during the Holidays make sure you visit our Alumni in Walt Disney World!

Update: Congratulations to Jessica who just signed an eight month contract to work in Japan at Tokyo Disneyland!!! She will fly east on January 29th and live in the American Village. Jess is certainly fortunate to see the world and get paid well for it! Ms. Swesey is the fifth ALDC member to work in Japan!

Update: Jess was home at the studio to visit and take class and say, “sayonara” has just begun her 7 month contract in the Broadway Revue “ENCORE” in Tokyo Disneyland! Abby Lee’s Advise; Save your salary, live on your per diem, go to a bath house and climb Mount Fuji!

Update: Jess is back in her homeland. Try to catch those beautiful feet in class before she lands her next gig!

Update: Jessica Swesey has just moved into her very own apartment in the Big Apple. This Equity member is ready to take her bite! By the way you are all invited to stay!