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Well, well, well – It took you long enough to find us! Now, please don’t wait one more minute! Enroll your child for classes at The Abby Lee Dance Company Today!

You may contact the studio via phone LA – 310.445.6400 or PA – 412.795.6234

You may find it difficult to get through on the line to speak to an adult who works in the office because we receive hundreds of calls each day from young fans who think it’s OK to tie up a business line for hours and hours.

You may email LA – or PA – or use the form below.

However, visiting in person is necessary.  Yes, you should definitely bring your child. We want you to tour our facilities, check out our classes, and see the place in action!

We offer various class schedules – daytime classes are available for the preschool students and home schooled children. Evening classes cater to the working parent. Afterschool classes are most popular and fill up quickly.

  1. DRIVE TO 11421 SANTA MONICA BLVD. The cross Street is Butler. We are 4 blocks west of the 405. Parking is conveniently located in the rear of our building. There is also a public parking lot directly adjacent to our lot.  There is plenty of parking for all!
  2. ENTER IN THE REAR OF THE BUILDING There are main doors on Santa Monica blvd but, we only use the glass doors in the back. Come on in!
  3. COME FORWARD ABOUT 16 STEPS On your right you will see the Attendance Office.  Look in through the small silver metal garage door. Someone should be diligently working on the computer or they will be back in a flash. *DO NOT KNOCK ON THE GLASS WALLS TO GET A TEACHER’S ATTENTION!
  • How old are you?
  • Have you had any previous training?

 If the child has had prior training and wants to take Intermediate Classes or even Advanced Team Classes then we will evaluate their level by having them demonstrate a few steps right there on the spot, in whatever they happen to be wearing!

  • What genres of dance are you interested in taking?

Once we figure out the correct class level. We let you know when exactly that class is offered. That seems to be the tricky part, can you be there when your class is offered. Many classes are offered multiple days and times.

  1. NOW IT’S TIME TO FILL OUT PAPERWORK. No, official paperwork cannot leave the studio! There are 3 different enrollment forms, every blank space must be completed by a parent or legal guardian. Remember, you are enrolling in a 10-month program.
    1. Student Information Card
    2. Medical/ Liability/ Financial/ Image Waiver
    3. Credit Card Enrollment Slip
  1. Most Tuition/ Costume Package Payments/ and Dance Concert Performance Packages are paid through the computer program – Jack Rabbit. Please look at your account from time to time.
  1. Now it’s time to VISIT our retail store for all your dancewear and dance shoe needs. BROADWAY BABY’S DANCEWEAR & COSTUME SHOPPE
  1. After you have your child registered and suited up and you are paid in full. It’s time to dance!!!


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