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Living with the Ribbon

this email is a little behind times.  Unfortunately we do not get the channel Dance Moms is on, so my daughter and I just bought the last season on Amazon.  I just got done watching the episode with Living with Ribbon.  I grew up dancing and my 12 year old has a great love and passion for dance.  I was incredibly moved by this number to the point of tears. I lost my 18 year old son to a very painful fast spreading cancer in February 2009.  I find it very hard to express how much that hurt and how much it will affect every second of every day for the rest of my life.  This dance put into motion the music in my heart.  Sometimes living with cancer doesn’t mean remaining on this earth – sometimes it means living in heaven.  The tylerstoy web site below is his story if you are interested – it is a pretty amazing story.  My home office for work is in Pittsburgh.  I am traveling there possibly in a week and hoping to stop by and pick up a shirt for my daughter – i will be her for sure hero then 🙂
Daneele Shipman