Illustrious Alumni


Michelle Pampena

(15 year student)

Miss Pampena made her dancing debut in The 1982 Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio Annual Dance Concert and made her Broadway Debut on November 21st, 2004 in Dame Edna – Back With A Vengence! A 1996 Penn Hills Graduate, another member of the Dream Team. Left high school a month before the actual graduation ceremony to jump start her career with her first professional dance job in the Beauty and the Beast Show at MGM Studios in Walt Disney World Orlando, FL. While others are enjoying their parties and friends and summer trips to the beach, this talented seventeen year old is already in her own apartment, paying her own bills and getting up for work every day… and loving every minute of it!!!

Michelle didn’t sit still for long she was one of two girls selected to travel on a seven month national tour promoting Disney’s Birthday Celebration! Back in Florida she kept working and working towards her goal… the big move to New York, NY! Off the plane and onto the Great Stage at the Radio City Music Hall. I knew she had the “Legs” for this job by the age of 8! Michelle had an amazing holiday season in the big city, those lovely legs were featured in the Nordstroms Catalog and several Rockette Ads.

Soon it was time to give a kick to her Radio City Rockette spot to do the National B’way tour of the hilariously funny Dame Edna Show. The offer was too good to refuse – 10 months in our country’s most exciting cities, a week off every month and a nice per diem. Little did she know this would be come the job of her lifetime! Michelle toured, sat in Australia and then Reno and then Vegas before it finally ended early this season. Michelle go a really big rock to give up her amazing apartment in New York to follow her love to Los Angeles… She is now living la vida loca and trying to make a name for herself in the West coast dance community… it didn’t take long, Watch Michelle en pointe in the new Sean Paul Video, July 2006! Michelle is planning a September Wedding where there will be lots of dancing!