Notes to Abby


Notes to Abby…


There aren’t words to express to you the depth of my sympathy on the passing of your dear mother.  I cannot imagine what you’re going through and I don’t know how to help you – so I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you.    
Your mother taught me more about prayer than anyone I know.  Usually when people say “I’m praying for you”, I’m skeptical (is that cynical or what).  But when your mom said she was praying for me or mine, I believed her.  She told me she kept a book with names of people who needed prayers.  I tried doing that on my phone, but it didn’t work. I keep a little book to hand write my prayer list and it helps me remember.  
Indulge me as I share one of my favorite memories of Mrs. Miller and Olivia:  
Olivia was three years old and walked into the den singing a song. Your mom asked her what she was singing.  And Olivia told her she’d watched “Gypsy” that weekend – three times! 
Mrs. Miller asked her to sing for her (I’m sure she expected  “Let Me Entertain You”).  
Without hesitation Olivia started singing (and dancing) “You Gotta Have A Gimmick”:  

If you wanna bump it – it bump it with a trumpet.  With an “uh” and an “uh” and an “uh-uh-uh”!  

Complete with hands behind her head and step-hip, step-hip, step-hip-hip.  
The look on your mother’s face was the most surprised I’d ever seen.  I didn’t know her very well back then and I didn’t know if Olivia had offended her. 
Thankfully she let out her signature laugh and opened her arms and Olivia ran to her and hugged her. 

I’m so glad your mom saw Olivia’s solo at the recital last year.  She made sure to tell her afterwards how amazing her dancing was especially in the heels and how gorgeous her costume was – making her feel like the best dancer in the show! She and Olivia always had a special relationship.  (I’m sure everyone says that about your mom because she had a way of making each person in her life seem more special than the next without alienating anyone). I’m so glad Olivia went to visit her a few weeks ago. Olivia is so proud to be teaching Mrs. Miller’s lessons to another generation of dancers. 

I can barely see to type, I’m crying so much.  If I called you, I’d be a mess and just upset you.  Just know I’m here if you need me (I hate when people say that, but you know it’s true when I say it to you).  And, as always, I’m praying for you – I wrote it down (lesson taught – lesson learned).
Much love,

PS Jessica just got a call from Disney! Another one of your dancers turns pro!