Pre-Professional Program

preproIt takes 15 years to make an overnight success!

A comprehensive education at The Abby Lee Dance Company will prepare you for a successful future in the Performing Arts. Abby Lee Miller is known from coast to coast by Casting Agents and choreographers for producing employable dancers! Under her tutelage you will learn so much more than steps. You will get the grueling hands on lessons in sweat, humility, ethics, etiquette and networking. There is a huge difference between the ability to dance and the ability to make a living as a dancer!

This program is by audition only, and it begins with Education. Our students learn the proper techniques of Ballet taught in the French, Vagonova,  Jazz both old school fundamentals of America’s True Folk Dance and today’s Contemporary edgy techniques, “Tap” from the roots of hoofing, to classical, to rhythm skills, Acrobatics / Gymnastics /  Contortion / Aeriel Silks to condition their bodies into strong, supple, and healthy artists getting the upper hand when it comes down to the last few hopefuls at an audition – Do you Tumble? Yes of course, Abby’s my teacher! Their knowledge of Dance History and Broadway Show Trivia helps them prepare for each audition. Pre Pro’s also learn ethnic dances such as; Spanish, Calypso, Hawaiian, Oriental, and Afro Cuban. Our graduates can quickly call upon their own personal memories when the Gig calls for the Can Can, Charleston, Jitterbug, the Frug, the Monkey, the Jerk, the Hustle or even the Cotton Eye Joe! Where others would shy away, our dancers are thrilled for the chance to prove themselves!

ALDC welcomes the Child, intrigues the Student, empowers the Competitor, inspires the Performer, applauds the Professional.