Notes to Abby


To Big M

Big M,
I wanted to let you know that I am sending up some extra prayers for you. Lord knows you have said enough prayers for me over the years.
I am only one of the thousands of students whose lives you have touched and forever changed. From teaching me the fundamental steps that provided a strong foundation throughout my entire dance career to the period dance styles that were woven in the choreography of the shows I performed around the world.  I’m still looking for the chicken in the chicken chow mein, and I can’t help myself from shuffling when I hear “Jingle Bell Rock” playing in the stores at Christmas time.  Even my boys know “what is round and fuzzy and warm, what can swim the minute it’s born”.  A Baby Duck, of course!  And of course, I can’t leave out the story times!
One of my favorite stories that you told us during a ballet class, and yes we all ended up sitting down for this one, was why dancers tell each other to “break a leg” for good luck. It seemed like such a contradiction until you explained why. Traditionally at the end of the performance, a dancer would take a modest bow when the curtain opened and the curtain would close again. If they were good enough to get a second curtain call, they would take a much deeper bow by bending or “breaking” their leg.  (Which you demonstrated so well with those lovely legs of yours.)
There aren’t enough curtain calls to applaud you for how great you are. So I hope when I say thank you, you understand how truly grateful I am from the bottom of my heart all the way down to the tip of my pointed toes!!!
Jennifer (Snyder) Zeitler